Loomis Community Information

Loomis’ earliest residents were members of the Maidu Native American tribe. It is believed that the first settlers were early American hunters, arriving in the 1820s. The California Gold Rush of 1849 rapidly changed the face of Loomis and the surrounding region. Miners came in droves, followed by farmers and ranchers. The farming community expanded over the next several decades, getting a boost from the development of rail lines connected to the Eastern United States. In those days, the fruit industry drove the local economy.

Today, the fruit industry is a relatively small part of the Loomis economy. Many residents work outside of Loomis, choosing to accept a modest commute in exchange for quiet evenings and weekends in the rural town. The Sacramento area job market is particularly diverse, offering plenty of opportunity for Loomis residents. The majority of Loomis’ workforce is employed in the following three economic sectors: educational, health and social services; retail trade and manufacturing.

Since Loomis is located inland in the northernmost part of California, climate conditions are somewhat different from the rest of the state. Summers are cooler than most of coastal California, while winters are slightly warmer and wetter. Average annual rainfall is about 40 inches; 75% of this rain falls in November, December, January, February and March. Temperatures range from the mid-30s in January to the low-90s in July and August. The warmest months are usually a few degrees cooler than Sacramento and other northern California cities, due to the town’s elevation and surrounding foothills, which partially block the warm summer winds.

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